Monday, April 13, 2009


With Easter and my birthday all on the same day this year this weekend totally got out of hand! Also many happy returns go out to my niece as her birthday is just the day before mine. :) It's been lovely though but now on to the homework!! :)

1- Who wrote the obituary of Dumbledore in The Daily Prophet? Elphias Doge
2- What is a Squib? A child born to at least one wizarding parent with no magical ability. Arabella Figg (who watches over Harry for Dumbledore)is a good example.
3- Who stole the locket Horcrux from the Black House? Mundungus Fletcher
4- What are the Albus Dumbledores' siblings names? Ariana and Aberforth
5- Where did Hermione leave the money for the eggs and bread that they stole from the lonely farm? Under the chicken coop.
6- What is the quote Lily and James Potter have on their tombstone? "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death."
7- Why did Gilbert Grindewald leave wizarding school? He was expelled for performing magical experiments that harmed other students
8- Where does Xeno Lovegood first say that Luna is when Ron, Hermione and Harry visit? Out collecting plimpies.
9- What wood is the wand from The Deathly Hallows supposed to be made out of? Elder wood.
10- How did Harry, Hermione and Ron escape the vaults of Gringotts? A dragon was used by Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger to escape the bank following their break-in in 1998.
11- What is the name of the all-female Quidditch team that Ginny has a poster of in her room? Holyhead Harpies
12- Describe what the Undetectable Extension Charm is. A spell placed on any object to make the internal space larger than the external object appears. The tents that the Weasley's use at the Quidditch Cup are a good example.

And done! I have been really enjoying my homework this term. :) I know that makes me a terrible suckup but I can't help it! Time for a nice warm bath and bed.


  1. Clara, the bag you made for Wisty is absolutely gorgeous! What pattern did you use??