Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who would you be and why?

Centy posed an interesting question today for those of us just dying for some homework! ;) What a bunch of overachievers we are!! She asked us which HP character we'd be and why. I like to think that I'd make a good Tonks. She questions authority, has a wicked sense of humor and sees beauty in the unusual. Remus was one of my book crushes and so we share that too! I love her bravery and that she doesn't ever bow to convention be it fashion or her core values. I strive to be true to myself without compromise in my personal life and it causes me a bit of uncomfortableness at times. I wish everyone could be as accepting as Tonks and I hope that people see me as accepting of them in all their unusual beauty. And I actually LIKE the name Nymphadora! ;)

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